York Bar Walls





York Bar Walls


The City walls around the City of York are the most intact of any city walls anywhere in England although this was nearly not case when in 1800 the Corporation of York wanted to demolish the poorly maintained walls. Luckily for all of us today, the cities residence greeted this with great anger and the proposal never went any further.


Roman Walls

The origins of the walls began with the Romans who original fortified York (then Eboracum) with a stone wall around the city. Although little is retained of these walls, in the Museum Gardens you will find the Multiangular Tower which was built in the third century. It was one of eight of these towers but only this one remains.


Danish Occupation

When the Danes arrived the Roman walls where in poor state of repair and where covered in earth and imposed huge wooden stakes to complete the new fortification.

Most of the Wall we see today date back from the twelfth to fourteenth century with some restoration taking place during the Victorian period. Along the wall you will find gateways know as 'bar' such as Monkgate Bar, where you will find the Richard III museum or the Micklegate Bar which is the man entrance used when royalty visits York as this is the main bar they come through when entering the city.



It takes a good few hours to walk the complete wall with some great views over the minster and York's ancient streets. There is a great deal of history that can be learnt













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