York Ghost Walks






York Ghost Walks


York is renown as one of the most haunted cities the world over. Its terrifying and historic past comes to life with one of York’s many Ghost Walks.


Many of the Ghost Walks run all the year round and give a humorous, but terrifying account of some of York best known folklore tales


York Ghosts

You can hear tales of one of the most famous and thought provoking tales of the lost Roman Legion when a apprentice plumber, Harry Martindale, was installing a heating system in the cellars of the Treasurer's House. After the sounding of an distant horn followed by Roman soldier on horseback.


Then followed by more soldiers, through the brickwork. They where only visible from their knees upwards. Later it was discovered that the original Roman road was indeed fifteen inches lower so it was if they were walking alone this.


Orphans of Bedern

Another of the more famous stories is that of the ghosts of the York Industrial Ragged School. In the mid 19th century, Bedern became the home of a workhouse for orphans. For which the owner was well paid to run and look after the children. Little of this wealth however was spent on the unfortunate children who were starved and poorly clothed.


The children then began dying of starvation and disease of which he tried to cover up by placing them in a large cupboard. But as the numbers grew and the smell started put his despicable act in jeopardy so one winter night he went to dig a grave. The ground was too frozen so he was left to live with the dying corpses.


He was thought to hear the bodies scream at night, and madness in turned. He ran through the workhouse killing the remaining children. He was found the next day on top of a mound of dead children and dragged to the local asylum where he remained for the rest of his days. Many people have heard the playful song of the orphans since.


Theatre York Grey Lady

Another more friendly a ghost is that of the Grey Lady who haunts the cities Theatre Royal behind the dress circle. It is thought to be that of middle ages nun who was punished for the crime of having an affair with a nobleman.


She was sealed in a windowless room. However, any sightings of her are thought to be a good omen on the next performance

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