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York Viking History

The Vikings invasion landed in York in 866AD and between then and the Norman Conquest in 1066AD, York was a significant Viking settlement. Whoever, very little was known about the Viking life in York up until 1972 when a small excavation by the York Archaeological Trust discovered a wealth of artefacts and remains of Viking settlements.


In the Coppergate area of the city, the council agreed to further archaeological digs and over five years many interesting discoveries where found over 1000 square meters. Huge around of artifices where found such as tones of animal bones, oyster shells, roof tiles, pottery and timbers.


The Jorvik Viking Centre

Today the award winning Jorvik Viking Centre built around the original archaeological dig lets you discover the Viking roots of York. You wil be able to peer into the past and even smell the some not to pleasant smells of that Viking period


Jorvik Viking Centre






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